Parking fee

1. Fee classes

Road vehicles are classified in the following toll classes:

  • A) fee class

Motor vehicles and tricycles or quadricycles not exceeding 5,50 m in length and not exceeding 3500 kg. (Cars, general purpose vehicles and vans, motor homes, etc.)

2. Waiting fee per hour

Zone Fee class A
I. Zone (red) 400 Ft / h
II. Zone (yellow) 300 Ft / h

Prices include VAT. The parking operator is entitled to charge a handling fee for each payment request sent, which includes administration and postage. VAT is included in the waiting fee only.

3. In case of waiting without payment, the amount of the surcharge is:

I. Zone (red) II. Zone (yellow)
1. In case of payment within 15 days  5.200 3.900
2. For payments over 15 days 16.400 12.300

Prices include VAT. After the issued payment order, a handling administration fee of HUF 3,000 will be charged, which includes administrative and postal costs. VAT is included in the waiting fee only.

4. Season ticket prices

Permit name Period of time Price (Ft)
Residential Annual 4 000
Employee Annual 4 000
General Annual 10 000

The validity of the season tickets runs from 01 January of the year in question to 31 January of the following year. The price of the season tickets includes VAT.

I. Zone (red)


Passes are not valid in the zone.

Petőfi Sándor street

Passes are not valid in the zone.

Ady Endre street

Passes are not valid in the zone.

II. Zone (yellow)

Honvéd street,
Park street,
József Attila street,
Széchenyi István street 58 parking lot (at the water tower)

In the zone, the residential and general season ticket entitle to unlimited parking, except for the section between József Attila utca Honvéd utca and Rózsa köz.

Section József Attila street between Honvéd street - Rózsa lane (doctor's office)

You can park in the zone for up to 60 minutes (grace period 5 minutes) without paying a waiting fee, for a ticket exchange, by placing a disc. The time for starting parking on the disc must be set! Passes are not valid on this section.

Parking at Zrínyi Miklós street 1,
The section of Kossuth Lajos street between Széchenyi István street and Hovéd street,

The residential and general year pass entitles you to unlimited parking.