Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Bank account.

IBAN: HU30 11749039-15432429-10100008
Please enter the license plate number in the notification field!

Parking in Closed Parking Lots with Barriers.

You can start your parking by entering the parking lot as soon as the barrier opens. The parking fee is charged AFTER you are finished with your parking. When you drive in the parking lot, you won’t receive any paper-based tickets since your license plate number is recorded by the cameras at the barriers.

1. Drive in the parking lot, your license plate number is recorded.
2. On the screen by the barriers, your license plate number appears. If you see the wrong number, please contact the Parking Office by the IP phones placed on the terminals.
3. When you are about to finish your parking, you need to pay before you drive out.
3.1. You can pay at the terminals by cash, credit card, or smart phone.
3.2. If you would like to pay by a smart phone application, you need to choose the parking area in the application, then you need to type in your license plate number. Based on the license plate the application calculates the fee, and you can pay by the method you chose in the application.
3.3. Paying by phone – You can also pay by SMS. Before you drive out, you need to send your license plate number to the phone number of the parking lot (see them on the terminals). You can pay as your mobile system allows you.
4. After payment, you have 10 minutes to leave the parking lot. If you don’t leave the parking lot in 10 minutes, you need to pay again for the time you spent in the parking lot.

A paper-based ticket is unnecessary, your license plate number is recorded by the cameras and stored during your parking.
Parking is free from 6 pm, so you need to pay for the 5 minutes you spent in the parking lot before 6 pm. Since the minimum parking time is 10 minutes, you need to pay accordingly.

Parking in Open Parking Lots / On-Street Parking.

The parking fees must be paid BEFORE you start parking by the parking meters or by phone. Step-by-step: 
1. By the terminals you can pay your parking fees and your fines as well.
1.1. Choose your preferred method of payment: cash (only coins) or credit card.
1.2. Type in the number of the parking spot (painted on the surface of the street) and your license plate number.
1.3. If chose paying by cash, the time of parking increases as you insert more coins into the terminal.
1.4. If you chose paying by credit card, first you need to set the interval of your parking. You can add 15 minutes to your parking by pressing the buttons. Based on the time you set, the parking fee can be paid by the credit card.
1.5. The information you typed into the terminal are stored for the time of your parking, so you do not need to place your parking ticket on your windshield.
2. Paying by phone/application
2.1. If you choose to pay by an application (e.g., Hévíz Parking), payment is coordinated by The National Mobile Payment System.
2.2. Choose the zone, or type in the code of the zone you want to park in.
2.3. Choose the vehicle you want to park.
2.4. If you park for a fixed amount of time, set the time and pay for your parking.
2.5. If you want to park for an unknown time, and stop your parking later, start your parking in the application and stop it when you are finished. Payment is coordinated by The National Mobile Payment System.
3. If you want to park via SMS, payment is coordinated by your mobile service provider.
3.1. Send the license plate number of your car in an SMS to the telephone number belonging to the parking zone.
3.2. If you are finished parking, send STOP to the same telephone number.

Please remember the number of the spot you parked in, since you need to type it in the terminal before you type in your license plate number!

Please contact the Parking Office and we can give you the numbers.

  • 902 Petőfi Sándor street 200-222
  • 903 József Attila street (BM park) 323-346
  • 904 József Attila street (GP’s office) 300-322
  • 905 Honvéd street (upper) 500-517
  • 906 Honvéd street (lower) 518-543
  • 907 Park street (upper) 628-660
  • 908 Park street (lower) 600-627
  • 909 Ady Endre street 700-725
  • 913 Kossuth Lajos street 400-437
  • 914 Zrínyi street 480-498
Yes, you can be. If you are parking in a spot which is in a paying zone, you can only stay there if you are paying the parking fee (only between 8 am and 6 pm).
If you receive a message like that, then you need to renew your parking four hours later if you want to continue parking. If you don’t do so, you will be fined. We suggest you using an alarm to remind yourself.
You need to pay the fine since your parking ticket was not valid for the car you parked with. Be careful next time, be sure to double check the license plate number in the application before parking!
No, the parking fines are determined by local decrees. Make sure to pay them soon, since the more you wait the more you need to pay because of the late payment penalties.
Technical issues don’t mean you can park free of charge. The parking inspector cannot examine the state of the car, they can only inspect the parking tickets. Make sure to buy a parking ticket if your car broke down in the parking lot.
Please contact the Parking Office immediately and be sure to check whether the zone is in Hévíz or not. If you chose the wrong zone in Hévíz, we may pardon the fine once, but be sure to choose the correct zone next time. If you accidentally chose a zone which is not located in Hévíz, a fine must be paid.
The disabled cards must be put on the windshield where it can be seen well.  If the card is not visible or has expired, the parking inspector must fine the parking car.
In the pay-zone you should pay for parking even if you park for only a couple of minutes. If you just park for a very short time, we suggest you using the mobile application.

3-7 day pass, 1/4 year pass, annual city passes

  • Passes for 3-7 days in the entire yellow zone, except between Honvéd street - Rózsa street (the section in front of the doctor's office with 12 parking spaces) or in the Nagyparkoló. 
  • The quarterly passes in the Nagyparkoló. 
  • The annual city pass in the entire area of Hévíz, except between Honvéd street and Rózsa street (the section in front of the doctor's office with 12 parking spaces) or in the Nagyparkoló.

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From January 02, 2023 in the application, which can be downloaded HERE !

At the office you can use a debit or credit card, or we will give you a check and post office.